Programme List - Market Focus 2019: Fixed Income




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Fidelity International


Paul Freer, Portfolio Manager & Oli Shakir-Khalil, Investment Director

Value is Emerging…

Emerging market debt (EMD) can be a powerful diversifier and yield enhancer for global bond portfolios. Yet a common question among investors is how best to allocate to the asset class? Specifically, what is the optimal level of EMD exposure, how should one approach currency and what’s the best EMD investment approach?

In Fidelity’s round table session Paul Greer, lead portfolio manager of the Fidelity Emerging Market Total Return Debt Fund and investment director Oli Shakir-Khalil will take a deeper dive into the political jungle of emerging markets, where they are finding value and what 2019 may bring. 


Lord Abbett


Ritchie Oriol, Investment Strategist



Merian Global Investors


Lloyd Harris, Fund Manager



Nomura Asset Manaement



TwentyFour Asset Management


Ben Hayward, Partner & Portfolio Manager