Programme List - Market Focus 2019: Fixed Income




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Boardroom sessions


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Fidelity International


Paul Greer, Portfolio Manager & Oli Shakir-Khalil, Investment Director


Fund: Emerging Market Total Return Debt


Value is Emerging…

Emerging market debt (EMD) can be a powerful diversifier and yield enhancer for global bond portfolios. Yet a common question among investors is how best to allocate to the asset class? Specifically, what is the optimal level of EMD exposure, how should one approach currency and what’s the best EMD investment approach?

In Fidelity’s round table session Paul Greer, lead portfolio manager of the Fidelity Emerging Market Total Return Debt Fund and investment director Oli Shakir-Khalil will take a deeper dive into the political jungle of emerging markets, where they are finding value and what 2019 may bring. 


Lord Abbett


Ritchie Oriol, Investment Strategist


Fund: Lord Abbett Multi Sector Income


The Current Credit Cycle: Are We are at the End of the Road?
It has often been said that economic expansions do not die of old age - we would agree with this. While some market commentators have focused on the current expansion's longevity, most macro indicators suggest that a downturn does not appear on the horizon. In our view, credit valuations in late 2018 did not reflect the broader fundamental footing of credit markets and we believe 2019 could be a fruitful market for the asset class. Our workshop will discuss why we hold this view, as well as explore various investment strategies in credit that are well-positioned to reward investors in the coming year.
Lord Abbett is one of the pioneers in multi-sector fixed income investing, and we incorporate an informed and expansive top-down macro view on the broader economy and on credit markets in particular with a rigorous and fundamentally driven view on individual issuers. We combine these approaches, along with quantitatively driven portfolio construction tools and a focus on risk management, to create a range of investment strategies designed to outperform across a range of market conditions and with a high level of consistency.



Merian Global Investors


Lloyd Harris, Fund Manager


Fund: Merian Corporate Bond


Corporate bonds for high quality diversification
At a time of heightened volatility in equity markets, Lloyd Harris will explain how corporate bonds can diversify and strengthen portfolios. He will outline why he believes in a conservative approach to investment, and in a process designed to keep a tight rein on volatility. He will also share details of how he puts this into practice.



Nomura Asset Management


Richard 'Dickie' Hodges, Head of Unconstrained Fixed Income


Fund: Nomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund


Attractive Returns from Fixed Income

Investors need fixed income in their portfolios for diversification and risk control. But bonds are not risk-free, interest rates are (or were...) rising and long term core bond yields remain unappealing. Dickie Hodges speaks about the environment facing bonds, describes where attractive returns can be found and how he controls downside risks within the Nomura Global Dynamic Bond Fund.


TwentyFour Asset Management


Ben Hayward, Partner & Portfolio Manager


Fund: TwentyFour Monument Bond


Value opportunities in European ABS
Ben Hayward presents his outlook for European asset-backed securities (ABS) markets, and explains why he believes a volatile end to 2018 has created a big opportunity for investors moving into 2019. Ben will discuss how the material spread correction seen in ABS during the latter weeks of 2018 was driven by wider market volatility rather than fundamental performance, and how investors can look to take advantage of this mispricing of risk in the sector. He will also explain why, as floating rate instruments, ABS can help protect fixed income portfolios from the rising rate environment and increased volatility expected in 2019





David Nagle, Head of Multi Strategy Fixed Income Group


Barings GIGS - A Flexible, Multi Credit Approach for High Grade Investors

Barings Global Investment Grade Strategy (GIGS) is an Innovative Solution for investors focused on the traditional High Grade space.
Combining Barings deep global insights and institutional expertise across global credit markets with a unique, time tested approach to managing interest rate risk, GIGS represents a new way for investors to access Investment Grade markets while minimizing traditional risks and pitfalls.
Today's presentation will provide a brief overview of the GIGS strategy, portfolio construction and the Barings Global Fixed Income platform. We will also discuss Barings views and portfolio positioning in the context of today's market environment, and where we see opportunities and risks for the balance of 2019.