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Baillie Gifford


Fund: Baillie Gifford Strategic Bond Fund


Lesley Dunn, Fund Manager


High Income Investment: A Flexible Long-Term Approach 

The Baillie Gifford Strategic Bond Fund is a global best ideas fund that is actively managed through bond selection and strategic asset allocation.  The objective of the fund is to produce monthly income.  Potential capital growth is also sought subject to prevailing market conditions.  The fund follows a through the cycle approach such that it strategically allocates between Investment Grade and High Yield bonds, plus varies exposure between Corporate versus Government bonds.  A long-term fundamentals driven approach has been successfully followed since the fund’s inception in 1999.   



Goldman Sachs Asset Management


Fund: GS Emerging Markets Yields with Reduced Duration Exposure


Jasper Sagoo, Vice President, Global Emerging Markets Debt, Global Fixed Income and Liquidity Solutions


Attractive Emerging Market Yields with reduced Durations Exposure

Take advantage of the attractive yields across USD-denominated emerging market debt (EMD) whilst seeking to reduce the overall level of volatility investors may experience by focussing on shorter duration securities. We think the blend of sovereign and corporate USD denominated fixed income with maturity to 5yrs offers a large and diverse investment universe. Emerging markets remain less indebted and benefit from higher growth versus developed markets. External vulnerabilities in aggregate across the EM complex, including current account positions and fiscal deficits have improved over a multi-year period increasing resilience.


J P Morgan Asset Management


Fund: JPM Unconstrained Bond Fund


Marika Dysenchuk, Investment Specialist, Global Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities (GFICC) Group


The future of Fixed Income is anything but fixed

2018 has been a year of mounting divergence across the globe: in economic data, yield moves and central bank policy. Amid this backdrop, bond returns have been challenged. However, with this heightened volatility comes increased opportunity, as long as investors do not stay static. In this session, we investigate what has changed this year in bond markets and what our outlook is going forward—and importantly, why you need to re-evaluate the way you invest in bond markets. Because if anything is certain in today’s uncertain world, it’s that the future of Fixed Income is anything but fixed—it’s flexible.



UBS Asset Management


Fund: Strategic Bond Fund


Gordon Harding, Fixed Income Specialist Director


Fixed income investing an uncertain world

After a long period of calm in financial markets, 2018 has seen a significant increase in volatility. Bond yields and credit spread have risen, whilst uncertainty around global trade has increased, several emerging markets have been under the spotlight and political risk in the Eurozone has re-emerged. This has all proven a very challenging backdrop for fixed income strategies. In this context, Gordon Harding, Investment Specialist at UBS Asset management will outline current opportunities and discuss UBS Asset Management’s solution to fixed income investing in this more uncertain environment.