*** Please note the information on this website is for the 2014 event - for information on the 2015 event please contact elena.tsangarides@incisivemedia.com ***


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Have you got an investment solution to the social, ethical and environmental challenges we face? Now in their sixth year, Investment Week's Sustainable Investment Awards offer an opportunity to showcase your expertise and commitment to what is an expanding and increasingly popular sector of the investment industry.

The awards have broadened out from their original climate change focus and are aimed at fund managers and organisations who are at the forefront of facilitating or investing in these sectors and whose work promotes a greater understanding into the potential of investing in sustainable themes including the environment, ethics, and social responsibility.

The recent flooding crisis has put the spotlight once again on climate change and the environment. Whether it is clean energy, water, forestry or climate change issues, investors are aware that we need to protect our limited natural resources, as well as the need to produce less waste and invest in more efficient industrial processes.

In addition, socially conscious investors are increasingly looking to screen how a company performs in terms of its impact on the environment, its social and governance record relating to the management of employee and local community relationships, as well as its record on executive pay.

Ethical investing continues to be an increasingly popular way of investing by screening out investments such as alcohol and arms, or screening in investments that make a positive impact.

The Sustainable Investment Conference will take place prior to the ceremony in central London on 26th November 2014. For further information on the conference click here.