Founded in 1985 as an independent investment boutique, Jupiter has become one of the UK's most successful and respected fund management groups. For thirty years we have successfully employed an active investment management approach based on original thought and true conviction investing. Headquartered in London, the company employs over 400 employees worldwide (of which 33 are fund managers) and manages £40.4bn (as at 30.09.2016) on behalf of institutional and retail investors. As a dedicated, active fund manager, we seek to add value for our clients through the delivery of investment outperformance over the medium to long term. Our approach to investing encourages freedom of thought among our fund managers and allows them their individual styles. Jupiter's core investment capabilities range from fixed income and multi-asset strategies to equities (global, European, emerging markets).

WHEB Asset Management is a specialist fund management business focussed on a long-term, long-only global equity investment strategy. Our aim is to generate superior returns from global equities by investing in companies providing solutions to some of the most serious environmental and social challenges facing mankind over the coming decades. The investment philosophy of the fund is built around sustainability, growth, quality and valuation. The fund is focused on nine sustainable investment themes; five environmental (cleaner energy, environmental services, resource efficiency, sustainable transport and water management) and four social themes (education, health, safety and well-being); Individual stocks are selected through a rigorous ‘bottom-up' stock-by-stock fundamental research process.

BMO Global Asset Management