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Merian Global Investors


Rob James, Portfolio co-manager of the Merian Financials Contingent Capital Fund


Fund: Merian Financials Contingent Capital Fund


Playing the Yield


Cocos can offer investors higher yield and lower volatility than European bank equities and senior debt, along with income diversification and exposure to a healthier financial sector. But cocos are a newer asset class and sometimes are misunderstood. Rob James, co-manager of the Merian Financials Contingent Capital Fund, will explain the characteristics of cocos and why they aren’t nearly as complicated as some people believe.


MGI 05/19/0100



T. Rowe Price


Daniel Hurley, Senior Equity Portfolio Aalyst


Fund: Japanese Equity


End of the Cycle or Beginning of the Journey?


Volatility returned to Japan with full force in 2018, repricing many stocks for a pessimistic outlook both domestically and internationally. In this session, we discuss the outlook for Japanese stocks, exploring where challenges remain, where volatility has created opportunity, and where we believe positive change and transformation is only just beginning.




Aneeka Gupta, Associate Director, Research


Fund: WisdomTree’s Artificial Intelligence UCITS ETF


Defining purity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how to capture the investment opportunity


AI is an interesting and exciting area of technology. It has the potential to change how industries operate and how consumers live their lives. With seemingly limitless possibilities, investment and adoption in AI is on the rise across all industries.

Whilst AI no doubt offers compelling investment potential, identifying companies that demonstrate a meaningful and pronounced relationship with AI is matter of contention. Seeking to tackle this matter, WisdomTree partnered with NASDAQ and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to develop a bespoke index that is focussed on defining and respecting the purity of this theme.



HSBC Global Asset Management

Flavia Schai, Senior Product Specialist – Passive Fixed Income

Hidden truths


Flavia is going to share with you some hidden truths about passive fixed income investment and why it’s worth looking at it in more detail. Is it really the case that the portfolio managers have to face high transaction costs? Or that they have to buy as many constituents as possible of an index? We will discuss why this might not be needed and how HSBC is dealing with the complexities of indexing in the fixed income world, focusing in particular on the transaction costs and how they can be managed efficiently.


Fund: Passive Fixed Income