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Welcome Address by Investment Week

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Boardroom Sessions One

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Boardroom Sessions Three

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Boardroom Sessions Four

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Boardroom Sessions Five

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Boardroom Sessions Six


Lunch and Close of Conference



Baillie Gifford

  Fund: Baillie Gifford High Yield Bond Fund

Lucy Isles, Investment Manager



Fidelity International 

Fund: MoneyBuilder Income and Short Dated Corporate Bond

Kris Atkinson, Portfolio Manager



Joseph Mouawad, Fund Manager - Emerging Fixed Income

Carmignac’s unique approach to Emerging Markets

Fund: Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine


In a current volatile climate, Emerging Markets will remain complex. But, investment opportunities will always exist, and even more in a complex environment. Joseph Mouawad, Fund Manager of Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine with Charles Zerah and Xavier Hovasse, will provide a glimpse into Carmignac’s unique investment philosophy and flexible approach, drawing from its expertise in Emerging Markets stretching back more than 25 years. He will also explain how risk management is embedded in our investment strategy, through a diversified mix of assets and countries, and a disciplined use of derivatives.



Fund: Allianz Strategic Bond Fund

  Mike Riddell







  Fund: Kempen (Lux) Euro Credit Fund

  Alain van der Heijden



Merian Global Investors

Fund: Merian Strategic Absolute Return Bond Fund or Merian Corporate Bond Fund