Programme List - Market Focus 2019: GEM




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Boardroom Sessions


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Eastspring Investments

Sam BentleyClient Portfolio Manager

Fund: Eastspring Investments – Global Emerging Markets Dynamic Fund

How to exploit the long term value opportunity in GEM


Over the long-term Value investing out performs in Global Emerging Markets (GEM) but clients have been underexposed to this investment approach for some time.

Over the last year we have seen much price volatility and style rotation with value outperforming once more while a large value opportunity remains. We will discuss our unique approach to Value investing in GEM equities and where we see opportunities today and over the long term. 



Fiera Capital

Ian Simmons, Lead Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets Equities

Fund: Emerging Markets Dividend Fund


Investing for income in Emerging Markets: an uncommon but effective approach.


We will look at why GEM equity income investing as an asset class deserves more attention and has room to grow in popularity. Despite a portfolio with near double the ROE and similar earnings growth to the benchmark, the Magna Dividend fund trades at cheaper PE multiples and with a 4% average yield. Fiera’s quality and growth philosophy drives this strategy and we will look at what that means for the type of companies we own and the resulting highly differentiated portfolio that can generate alpha for clients.



J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Claire Peck, Investment Specialist for Emerging Markets and Asia Pacific Equities Team

Fund: JPM Asia Growth Fund

Tapping into Asia’s transformation

Market changes and structural shifts have made Asia a compelling hunting ground for investors in search of growth. This session explores the exciting investable universe across Asia, a region characterized by its variety.



Merian Global Investors

Salman SiddiquiPortfolio Manager

Fund: Merian Global Emerging Markets Fund

In search of the exceptional

Merian Global Investors fund manager Salman Siddiqui will provide his thoughts as to why 2019 could be a strong year for emerging market equities. Salman will also explain how a focus on exceptional companies with sustainably high return on invested capital has the potential to produce outperformance over the long term.


Vontobel Asset Management

Wouter Van Overfelt, Portfolio Manager, Emerging Market Fixed Income

Fund: Vontobel Fund – Emerging Markets Corporate Bond

Spread optimisation and diversification: The benefits of a differentiated approach in Emerging Markets Corporate Bonds

Emerging Market Fixed Income can offer compelling risk-rewards. But, how can risks be assessed and isolated? And can the rewards be captured reliably and repeatedly? We will discuss why we believe that our differentiated fundamental approach to investing in Emerging Market Corporate Bonds can fulfil 7 key goals of fixed income investors today.