Programme List - Market Focus 2018: Global Equities



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Opening remarks from Investment Week


Boardroom sessions 1&2&3&4


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Lunch and close of conference






Baillie Gifford


Spencer Adair, Investment Manager


Global Growth from Different Perspectives - Monks Investment Trust

Monks Investment Trust is a bottom-up, long-term portfolio of global stocks. It is managed by three senior investors at Baillie Gifford who have been working together for 13 years. Using a tried and tested analytical framework, combined with crisp decision making, the managers construct a best ideas portfolio. The process harnesses the substantial resources of Baillie Gifford’s research team to find companies that have an above average chance of doubling over five years through greater earnings power. As companies grow in different ways, the managers look to blend four different categories – Stalwart, Rapid, Cyclical and Latent - which combined generate ‘Global Growth from Different Perspectives’.




Joost de Graaf, Senior Portfolio Manager


Value in Disruption


Disruption has changed the face of many industries and created numerous investment opportunities for a global equities manager but exploiting disruption to deliver consistent returns is no small feat. Joost de Graaf, Senior Portfolio Manager on the Kempen Dividend team, will discuss how a global dividend strategy can profit from disruption.

Kempen Dividend team’s proprietary valuation methodology and disciplined risk management combined with the focus on high cash flow generating companies with disciplined capital allocation and robust business franchises, has generated stable above average income with downside protection to help their clients meet their long-term investment objectives.


Orbis Investments


Ben Preston, Portfolio Manager


Truly Active and Different

Orbis has invested differently for over 28 years. Because it has worked. The workshop will focus on the Orbis OEIC Global Equity Fund. The fund mirrors the firm’s flagship Global Equity investment strategy, which has been running since 1990 – with over £18bn under management and an enviable long-term track record. This is a truly active global equity fund with a different approach. Orbis representatives will describe the fund, philosophy, structure and culture that have formed the foundation for its investment success.


Morgan Stanley Investment Management


Dirk Hoffmann- Becking, Portfolio Manager & Monica Carter, Portfolio Specialist


 Future-Proof Your Portfolio: Morgan Stanley Global Brands

The end of the world as we know it? Market environments always change and sometimes this change is more violent than others. What matters from a long-term sustainable return perspective is not whether one can predict the outcome, but whether the companies we have invested in are well placed to weather even the more severe potential outcomes. Portfolio Manager Dirk Hoffmann-Becking offers a high quality global equity solution to some worrying market trends.





Vontobel Asset Management


Ramiz Chelat, Executive Director & Portfolio Manager


Quality + Growth: Preservation with Participation

With markets near late-cycle all-time highs, can active managers provide upside participation with protection? And why should investors consider high-quality companies providing stable and consistent earnings growth? We will discuss our experience investing in Global Equities, how to balance different sources of growth, and why winning over time doesn’t mean winning all the time.