Programme List - Investment Company Breakfast 2019





08:00 – 08:15

Registration, breakfast and networking

08:15 – 08:20

Opening Remarks from Investment Week

08:20 – 08:30

AIC: Industry Overview


08:35 – 09:00



  Cristina Dondiuc, Associate Investment Director


Fund: Fidelity European Values PLC

Why choose a cautious approach today

European Equities remain deeply unpopular with investors. A tougher macro environment, extended valuations and peak profit margins continue to weigh on sentiment towards continental European and UK equities. Despite these well-publicised challenges, Europe continues to offer a diverse universe of companies that pay good dividends and can also protect capital in a difficult market. Against these backdrop, we will discuss how the Fidelity European Values PLC trust is positioned to deal with these market conditions and how the Trust is managed for its shareholders by focusing on the type of companies that possess the strength and resilience to create shareholder value irrespective of the prevailing economic environment.


09:05 – 09:30

Baillie Gifford


Catharine Flood, Client Service Director


Fund: Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust PLC

Scottish Mortgage: the Next Big Things

Today, the seismic shifts in the retail industry driven by the advent of ecommerce are widely known, though many still underestimate the potential of the two largest platforms, Amazon and Alibaba. The challenge for long term investors however is always to think about what happens next. Underpinning their development has been a wider digital revolution. Catharine Flood, will talk about some of the "Next Big Things" - the next generation of companies building their businesses on top of this new digital infrastructure, impacting a much broader range of industries.


09:35 – 10:00

EJF Investment Ltd


Peter Stage, Chief Financial Officer


Fund: EJF Inestment Ltd

U.S. Community banks: event-driven strategies focused on a strengthening sector


Sponsor When considering investments in banks in the U.S., a small number of major institutions will no doubt come to mind. However, there are in fact c.5,200 banks in the U.S., with over $4.5 trillion in assets being shared between thousands of the smallest of these institutions. For smaller banks, regulations have become a significant tailwind in recent years, creating room for M&A, reductions in costs, and lowering the cost of capital. We will discuss how EJF Investments is seeking to generate returns for its shareholders by investing in opportunities created by these regulatory and structural changes.


 10:05 – 10:30

Polar Capital


Nick Brind, manager of Global Financials Trust


Fund: Polar Capital Global Financials Trust

Global Financials: 10 years after the crisis

Financial companies, banks in particular, are very different today than they were at the start of the global financial crisis a decade ago. The scale of the crisis meant governments and regulators introduced dramatic tightening of regulations, most importantly in the increased levels of capital banks now hold. Nick will talk through recent trends and performance. He will also highlight that there is a compelling argument for investors to reconsider the sector as it is trading close to a historically wide discount to underlying markets despite it being far safer and stronger today.

10:30 – 10:35

Closing Remarks from Investment Week


 *programme is subject to change