Programme List - Sustainable & ESG Investment Conference 2019




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Baillie Gifford

Lee Qian, Investment Manager
Fund:  Baillie Gifford Positive Change Fund

Purpose Complements Profits: Investing for Positive Change

Society has made huge progress over the long run, but we are now at a crossroads; business has a more important role than ever to play in setting our society on a more sustainable path.  Lee Qian explains why he is optimistic about the future and how he thinks investors can deliver strong returns by investing in companies run with purpose.  



Ghadir Cooper, Global Head of Equities

ESG, How does it matter to you?: Understanding the implications of your ESG approach

Sustainable investing is a central tenet for Barings and underpins how we invest. As ESG continues to evolve we guide our stakeholders to understand the value of moving beyond investing only for returns.

Dr Ghadir Cooper discusses how she believes that you can maximise long term value while striving to improve the society we live in through our investment decisions and our corporate values



BMO Global Asset Management

Vicki Bakhshi, Director, Analyst, Responsible Investment Team

Climate change engagement: Is it working?

With $35 trillion of assets now supporting the Climate Action 100+ initiative, companies cannot fail to get the message that climate change matters to investors. But are they really listening, or is climate engagement just creating a new wave of greenwash? In this session BMO Global Asset Management sets out its expectations of companies on climate change; the tactics we use to pursue these; and the successes – and challenges – we are finding along the way.



Refreshments and Networking


Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Alexis Deladerrière, Head of International Developed Markets Equity

Finding Equity In ESG: The GSAM Fundamental Equity ESG Approach

At GSAM Fundamental Equity we believe that doing well and doing good are not mutually exclusive. As long-term investors looking for companies with sustainable business models, assessing ESG practices has always been an core part of our investment philosophy and process. However, with the recent dramatic increase in the availability of ESG related data and the concern around the materiality of such information, we believe it’s more crucial than ever to apply human judgement and to engage with businesses to better understand what they are doing and encourage positive corporate and industry change. Over the longer term, we believe this can result in superior results for our clients.



Chris Mellor, CFA, Head of EMEA ETF Equity & Commodity Product Management

Integrating ESG: using ETFs to get efficient ESG exposure

ESG is becoming a vital component of many investors’ decision-making process with a growing number looking to replace their core benchmark exposures with a more ESG friendly allocation. In this session we will look at the growth of ESG focused ETFs, examining how ESG criteria are included and the impact that different integration decisions can have on ESG exposure and tracking error.


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