Incisive Media and Investment Week are committed to the journey in becoming more sustainable. By using the guidelines set out by the Sustainable Event Alliance, we aim to meet the International Standard ISO 20121. The goal is to reduce paper consumption across events and improve recycling rates, curb food waste and alter menus with an aim to include locally sourced, organic produce. We have also committed to deliver carbon offsetting at events wherever possible and provide delegates with accessible venues.
We will be closely evaluating each event and considering how we can improve in the following areas; energy, transport, water usage, recycling, economic and local environment/community.


One Moorgate Place
• Create their menus around season
• Over 85% of lighting in the building is LED
• Do not provide any single-use plastics at events
• Send 0% of their waste to landfill annually. Waste is either recycled, industrially composted or incinerated to produce energy via steam
• Send all of their information to Verco for benchmarking
• Use environmentally friendly products and non-toxic paint

The Event
• All the cheese used has been made to order in house to reduce waste
• Buttermilk, cream and milk are all sourced from a local supplier in Kent
• All meat is sourced from a local supplier in Chiswick
• Starter: 90% ingredients in season
• Main: 90% of ingredients in season
• Vegetarian main: 85% of ingredients in season
• Dessert: 85% of ingredients in seaso

Carbon Offsetting
Incisive Media have partnered with Ecosphere+ to ensure all our remaining greenhouse gas emissions are offset. Working with Ecosphere+, we calculate the emissions from all our events, including those from event operations, venues and delegates. We then purchase the equivalent number of carbon offset credits to counter-act our activities. These credits are supporting the protection of vital rainforest in Peru, by funding conservation work and creating sustainable sources of income for locals to minimise incentives for deforestation.
For further information about the project please visit